2023 report
District Story

“Thinking ahead” for commercial districts. Districts made by BEOS.

When the industry began referring to office, industrial, warehouse and logistics properties as corporate real estate in the 2010s, the term did not yet have any connection with urban areas. The fact that it eventually did, however, is due to the new understanding within urban development that inner-city commercial districts are no longer considered separately, but as an integral part of urban infrastructure.

Designing urban spaces is an essential part of our vision for asset management of the future.

Active participation from all our partners is the key to creating vibrant and sustainable commercial spaces together.

This has led to relationships forming not only amongst the tenants, but also with the residents. This vibrant neighbourhood living has in turn had an impact on real estate and the way we have perceived, designed and developed properties ever since. Today we have a name for this too: “participation” – by which we mean equal participation, which is an essential feature of the BEOSphere. When we first let a commercial space to a theatre, it was clear to us that the term “corporate real estate” is not enough here. We had to think in terms of districts.

Right in the middle. In our districts.

2005 – Zeughof

2005 – Zeughof

Looking back, our history as a district designer began in 2005 with the “Zeughof”. This versatile space in the bustling Berlin-Kreuzberg neighbourhood hid a lot of potential: areas we could get a lot more out of if we embraced the neighbourhood.

2007 – Carlswerk

We had a similar experience with the “Carlswerk” – an industrial site in Cologne-Mülheim. As a modern commercial campus, it has long attracted visitors with its companies and its wide range of services, catering, leisure and cultural offerings.

2018 – Berlin Decks

2018 – Berlin Decks

With the “BERLIN DECKS” in Berlin-Mitte, a large-scale district development is being created for the first time, which offers us all free space, but also presents us with completely new challenges. So far, we only know the end result that is on the plans.

2020 – Frankfurt Westside

We expect to achieve a significant milestone in 2035 with the completion of “FRANKFURT WESTSIDE”. With this new commercial district in Frankfurt am Main, we have ventured into an entire district for the first time – with the firm belief that people’s needs for community and urban living remain the same. We are very confident that our experiences, together with the hard work of all those involved in the project, will lead to a unique result. Just like with all our districts.