2023 report

Welcome to the BEOSphere.

It is quite possible that some readers are already part of the BEOSphere. For example, because they brainstormed with us as a tenant about a new space concept. Or because, as a service provider, they have seen how we have taken up the solutions they proposed and implemented them together. On the other hand, people who are experiencing the BEOSphere for the first time have a lot to look forward to.

The BEOSphere channels the open, curious, inquisitive environment that we cultivate in dealing with colleagues, tenants, investors, neighbours and business partners. We do so by simply rethinking the idea of the workbench. We are driven by the conviction that we can only make a positive contribution to change in society by acting together and on an equal footing. The principle behind this is “community”.

It puts across how we understand the term “space” in all its dimensions. It starts with the free space that makes growth possible and encourages the breaking down of conceptual boundaries. It flows into those spaces of experience – industrial parks, transformative, production and logistics properties, as well as districts – that we think of as urban spaces of the future. And how we can design, revitalise and shape them in such a way as to inspire joint experiences. The key to this is participation.

And this illustrates why we are more successful when we moderate rather than manage, engage in dialogue on an equal footing, actively encourage participation, develop and implement ideas together, or see ourselves as people rather than roles. Reporting on this in the form of figures, data and facts is part of our approach to transparency, which can also be found in the BEOSphere. 

The BEOSphere reflects our vision for asset management and project development of the future. Firmly anchored in our mindset, it enables us to create sustainable value together with all our stakeholders – whether through the involvement of BEOSphere experts or all those coming into contact with the BEOSphere for the first time. As such, we would very much welcome any feedback you may have. As part of the community. By participating. With full transparency. As an open ecosystem, the BEOSphere welcomes everyone.

BEOSphere – a mosaic of community, vision and time