2023 report
Participation – Districts

Defining the future. A thrilling experience. The “BERLIN DECKS”.

Aside from a brick building and a warehouse, there was a gap in the triangle between Europaviertel, Moabit and Sprengelkiez. Or at least we thought so. We quickly came up with the visionary idea of a campus to fill this gap – after all, we already had experience in terms of district development. In other words, we thought that the “DECKS” should embody the “best of BEOS”, drawing on all the insights we had gained from our existing projects and innovative ideas. Based on this approach, the concept of an urban district for research and media companies finally found its way into our plans and promotional videos. In the meantime, the buildings made of stone, wood and glass have been turning into reality. The “BERLIN DECKS” are taking shape. And there is one main goal: they need to be open to new things.

Interview with the project team

Will the “BERLIN DECKS” also increase your fan base?

Is there a better place for “construction sightseeing” than Berlin? Sometimes big clusters of people gather behind the fence to the building site for the “BERLIN DECKS”. And let’s face it, watching all the workers and the construction machinery, that’s a movie in itself. But apart from these more random, spontaneous visitors, we want to attract those Berliners who live and work in the neighbourhood as fans. That’s why we invite residents to events, such as groundbreaking or topping-out ceremonies, in order to pave the way for a communal sense of togetherness. After all, mutual inspiration and the feeling of community are precisely the qualities that characterise the “BERLIN DECKS” no matter how they are used – from offices to the labs and the manufacturing facilities.

How free are you to plan and build if you do not know who your future tenants will be?

Good question, but the modern commercial campus at the “Carlswerk” in Cologne has worked out nicely – and that is on an industrial site that was becoming outdated. With the “DECKS,” we have been taking into account the unpredictable right from the beginning. You want to turn an office into a lab? No problem, the building and room structures will allow that. It’s the same whether we receive enquiries from Industry 4.0, a university of film and television, or a pioneering life science company – the “BERLIN DECKS” have the answers thanks to the option to customise the spaces it offers. And as for the future, in ten or twenty years, more new technologies and building materials will be available, which we will be able to use to reinvent the spaces from the early years. For us, this also boosts sustainability – we make sensible, long-lasting use of the materials and finite resources we have.

What must be done to obtain pre-certification for the DGNB gold standard before the project is complete?

It is no easy task to fulfil the guidelines for issuing a pre-certification. That’s why we are so pleased to have met the requirements under the DGNB system. As a new-build district, we did well in terms of the numerous ecological and economic advantages our project would offer. Take the ceramic façade, which kills two birds with one stone: it is durable and requires no maintenance, meaning we can save on resources. At the same time, the clay from which it is made is biodegradable. This means there would be no problems when it is dismantled – although this is definitely a long way off. Another decisive factor was our location concept. This was very well received, because it continues the tradition of Berlin’s commercial hubs, which stretches back more than 100 years. Even back then, there was a mix of development and production here. We have updated this approach for the working world of the 21st century.

For BEOS, participation is the key to developing a successful neighbourhood. What form is this taking in the “DECKS”?

With the “DECKS”, we are primarily guided by what people need from a modern working environment: how and where do we want to work in the future? While architecture and aesthetics are important components of this, we actively involve tenants and take into account their very individual needs right from the start. Do you want to go and work on your tablet outside? Sure, make yourself comfortable on the outdoor terrace with greenery all around. The engineer who spends a lot of time travelling through Europe is coming to the office today? Then you can simply book the meeting room and talk to them there. The “inside” and “outside” worlds are also closely connected. For example, when your business partner arrives at the main station and can then make it to the “DECKS” just ten minutes later for a meeting. After the group meeting is then finished, they can switch to a cool location nearby for a one-on-one discussion, before continuing on foot to their hotel in the city. Ultimately, we a creating inspiring places where both our tenants and visitors can meet up.

What kind of tenants should the “BERLIN DECKS” attract?

“Attract” is the right word here. Because that’s what is already happening. The “BERLIN DECKS” and our tenants are almost attracted to each other, primarily due to the latter’s particularly demanding usage requirements. For example, the software developer MBition: a Mercedes-Benz subsidiary with a start-up spirit that researches its developments directly in its own digital workshop on their development mules – the cars of tomorrow. Or the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) – a media and cultural institution of international standing – where around 280 movie-makers will learn the craft of filmmaking on our campus. In addition to seminar and office rooms, we also provide special areas for film studios, cinemas, video editing rooms and recording studios. So we offer what filmmakers need: space for creative development.

You have signed a construction contract with Implenia & Dreßler Bau for two more buildings and so for all construction sites. A mega deal in the midst of a real estate crisis: What is your perspective on this?

We are talking about an order volume of more than 100 million euros. This is something that can’t be taken for granted in times like the industry is currently experiencing. The fact that we are nevertheless able to drive forward this challenging and forward-looking project is testament to the power of the BEOSphere. The entrepreneurial spirit and reliability of our long-standing project partners – such as the real estate and construction service provider Implenia and Dreßler Bau – exactly match the values that BEOS stands for. Embracing the idea of “participation” to its fullest, a daycare centre and communal areas for local neighbourhoods and craftspeople are being built as part of the latest construction phases. So we can now look forward to 2026 with confidence, when our neighbourhood vision for the “DECKS” will finally transform into a melting pot of innovation and creativity for today’s working world.

Topping-out ceremonies and the laying of foundation stones …

… milestones in the development of the district are celebrated at the “DECKS”.

Accompanied by food and drink, site visits are held …

… to make the project vision real and tangible.

“With the “BERLIN DECKS”, we are bringing part of the capital back to life and at the same time, contributing to urban development with our innovative concepts. Berlin is one of the most fashionable cities in Europe. With our climate-neutral concept, our statement architecture and the variable spaces, we are underlining the innovative spirit of the city!”

Tony Paumer
Senior Project Manager at BEOS
On the way to the district

The 5 most important milestones

BEOS acquires the site.
innovative interim uses open up the once closed site for creative students.
the first “BERLIN DECKS” coffee will be sold.*
the “BERLIN DECKS” will host a Berlinale event.*
the “BERLIN DECKS” Christmas market, with space for more than 25 stands, will open its doors for the first time.*

* That’s the plan at least!

Bit by bit, vision becomes reality: An innovative commercial campus, surrounded by a sustainable ceramic façade.

Thanks to innovative interim-use concepts, artists have been given space for creative development.

Whether you are a neighbour or project partner: community is only created only through participation.

Roll cameras! Laying the foundation stone with the “DECKS” project team, the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) and general contractor Implenia.

“BERLIN DECKS” – a future district for the modern working world

Key figures

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